If your looking for someone who will take a simple matter in life and help you broaden your view on it, this is your podcast. It's the perfect podcast for a uplifting, encouraging, and interesting perspective on daily issues we all can struggle with! I enjoy listening to her explain things in ways I wouldn't have necessarily stopped and thought about. I mean we are maybe moms, or young ladies, or newly married and your trying to stop and remember the little things that can make life chaotic. When I listen to She Chooses I get that few minutes to ponder my own thoughts on different topics that may not have crossed my mind in the same way. I enjoy hearing other people's perspectives on daily life! And what better way than from someone who can relate! Give She Chooses a chance to challenge your thoughts! Never know what you might learn about yourself!!


One can observe Jessica's passion in each episode - she speaks directly from her heart. You can hear her love for God and people shine through her words as God uses her life as an instrument to spread His Gospel to others. She is genuine, relatable, compassionate, and funny! The way she connects His word to the every day life makes you want to continue listening and glean from her perspective and experiences. As a mother of littles, I love her wisdom that she shares as she brings the Gospel into her very own home. So, go grab a coffee, a notebook, and find a free space to enjoy those quality, heartfelt episodes. You won't regret it!


I absolutely love listening to the She Chooses podcasts. This woman speaks to the woman, wife, mom, and friend we all are. She creates a vulnerable mindset with her transparency which in turn helps me to look in the mirror and look to God in order to become better.


If you're looking for someone to be real and raw about this relationship with Jesus this is the person to go to. Sometimes this relationship with him isn't always sunshine and rainbows, it can get tough and she talks about that. She's very transparent. She has spoken into my life many times and I'm sure she will do the same with yours! Check out her page you won't regret it, I promise.


This is such a great podcast! She speaks from the heart and has been blessed with great wisdom in understanding the Word of God and how it relates to our every day lives. 


This woman speaks from the heart with a love for God and his people that can be felt through the speaker of your phone, computer, and or radio!