Just go with it

imageOut with the old, and in with the NEW! 2016 is here and along with it the excitement of a new year, and the same question everyone has, what do I want out of this year? To answer that question, I reflect. 2015, I started each day, before anything else, to read His word…even if it were only one verse. Did I do it every single day? Every work day, yes, the weekends, I struggled, but found myself more often than not, committed. This new exercise, placing Him first, proved wonderful, and I encourage everyone to do the same. I have learned so much about Him and find myself craving to spend more and more time with Him, reading His word. It is this, that leads me to my desire for 2016. Prayerfully seeking Him, I keep having this thought, ‘just go with it.’ And that frustrates me…what does that mean? After much thinking, this is what I have come up with…I love to tell others what He has done for me, and I love to write. Writing has been a hidden interest of mine since I was a teenager, I do not proclaim to be perfect at it…at all. What I claim, is to enjoy doing it. I recently read the following quote;

‘Don’t wait for inspiration in order to begin; begin and inspiration will find you.’ – Bro. Lee Stoneking

That quote coupled by a profound and simple statement from my brother, who for whatever reason told me recently,

‘you don’t have to have permission to send an email,’

have led me to this. No, I didn’t attend Bible college, I have no ministers license…what I am, a sinner saved by grace, filled by His spirit, washed in His blood, and what I do have…first hand experience at what He has done for me, and how He has changed my life. It is with that, that I urge you to meet me here. Read what I have to say about what He has done for me, and share with me how He is working in your life, and together, let’s grow in our relationship with Him and…Choose Him.

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