El-Roi, the God who sees

Some days we are stuck in our own mess of worry and stress. We read in Genesis of Hagar and her mess of worry and stress as she and her son were ushered from their home and sent on their way in the desert. It was in that desert when Hagar believed her son to be near death that God moved. She cried out to God and God heard Ishmael’s cry. At that point, God unveiled Hagar’s eyes to see the well which would provide the water they were so desperately in need of. At that point, Hagar calls God El-Roi, the God who sees. 
Let us be reminded today that He is the God who sees, and He will always be the God who sees. If you are fearful, worried, or anxious- pray. Pray, and thank God that He is the God who sees, and realize that just as he unveiled her eyes and provided the well to Hagar and Ishmael, He will provide for your need too…Choose him.

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