God’s pursuit

I enjoy a good love story. My favorite part is the pursuit, the twisting turning keep you guessing scenes where the main characters are searching for each other not really knowing what they are seeking until the final moments when their eyes meet and everything comes together poetically. At that point, my eyes start to water, head is in the covers and squeals of delight ring out! My heart melts and feelings of bliss commence. 

Most women are intrigued by a great love story, we desire a man that will seek us out and profess his unending love for us. But sometimes we get lost in the here and now feeling like it isn’t going to happen, frustrated that love isn’t like the movies, and we forget that we ARE desired and the God of the universe is in pursuit for our hearts. We forget that we have a Heavenly Father that is trying to fill the emptiness we feel in the depths of our soul. 

The parable of the lost coin in Luke 15:8-10 explains God’s pursuit. Just like that woman seeking and scouring her home searching for that lost coin. God seeks and scours the Earth pursuing us when our hearts are persuaded away from Him.

Meditate on the words of this parable, realize that God loves and seeks us just like that woman and her coin and His pursuit of us is far better than any love story, and ends with all of heaven rejoicing. 

Luke 19:10

For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.

If you are lost today and overwhelmed with feelings of lonliness, and doubt that you are loved- that emptiness can be filled, and you can experience the unending love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He can make you whole, and He can make you see you are loved far more than you can ever comprehend. Take that first step…Choose Him.

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