Unrelenting Love

Scripture: Psalms 139

In Psalms 139, David writes about God’s love for us. In it, he describes a type of love that we struggle to believe exists. Our definition of love is often shaped by what we see lived out by those who love us or what we see demonstrated by those around us. Statistically speaking, we read that marriages are just as likely to fail as they are to survive- and for those that don’t survive, there is pain, and a change in the definition of love making the type of love David speaks of harder to understand. We experience pain inflected by those who ‘love’ us and it feels as though we are surrounded by a love that in our human nature has limits which makes God’s love seem unrealistic, and too good to be true. But that’s God. Time and time again, He shatters our preconceptions, and proves his limitless power, strength, and love as we see it continuously woven throughout scripture and experience it from Him in our own lives. We read of it in the book of Hosea as God illustrates his love for His people through Hosea’s marriage to a prostitute. And we are amazed by it as we read of Jesus’ life, death on the cross, and His resurrection. We are empowered by it when we understand Romans 8:31-39 as it proclaims that NOTHING can separate us from His love – NOTHING.

God’s love as described is limitless, unshakeable, and unlike anything else. His love is a searching love, it is an enduring love – it is a pure love.

He knows every thought we could and have ever had – yet He still loves.

He knows our painful secrets – yet He still loves.

He knows our hurts – yet He still loves.

He knows our doubts…yet He still loves.

Wherever we are- He is there.

Wherever we go – He is there.

Whatever we do – He is there.

There is no hiding, God is everywhere.

Not only does God know all things, not only does He exist in all places, but He prepared a plan for every person that has ever existed, and will ever exist, and that is a thought that is utterly astounding to sit and think about. Take a moment and absorb the fact that He had a plan for your life, and my life even before he placed us in our mother’s womb. He thought of us intentionally and wrote the number of our days in a book even before our development was set into motion. How incredible to think in those moments where we feel so out of control – to know that He loves us so much that he didn’t just throw us together on a whim, and place us here to see what we would do. We were designed with purpose and intentionality, and when we are filled with doubt and fear we can acknowledge that we are in the hands of the one who created us, and trust His plan – the one that was thought out before we were physically anything. Such a thought is hard to comprehend, but a truth that if we can grab hold of, it brings so much hope in the midst of our struggle. When we lose the sense of who we are, what we are doing, and where we are headed – It gives us reason to press on, and push through the stress, and mess that we can find ourselves in, and embrace the plan that He has for us, and the love that was involved in putting it all together.

Truly magnificent isn’t it?

I wonder, what do you think? Reading the words of Psalms 139, are you moved to tears as I was?

Are you taken by the fact that you are loved, and pursued by the Creator of the universe?

Or maybe you’re skeptical?

Maybe you’ve lived pain and been wronged by someone who was supposed to love, and didn’t?

If that’s you, or you’re in the middle of feeling lost and not sure that you believe there is a plan, I encourage you to try Him out, wholeheartedly try Him out, and I guarantee He will come to you, and make it known that He is right there with you, and He loves you so much that He will follow you to the ends of the Earth to prove His love for you!

Start today, make up your mind TODAY and pray Psalms 139:17

Lord, your word tells us that your thoughts about us are precious, and so many that they cannot be numbered! We trust your love for us today. We trust the truth that is found in your word, and we trust the plan that you have put into motion so long ago, and we take it with us in this day ahead. In Jesus name!

…Choose Him.

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