Proverbs 16:9

There is a quote that says, 

‘Man proposes, God disposes.’ 

Reflecting on God’s goodness in this past week, I am reminded of this truth. We make plans- we have a lot of plans. We tell God our plan, and we even tell Him how to make it happen, BUT ultimately – if we allow Him – He determines how things turn out. 

At times, faithfullness can feel exhausting. We see our plan, we pray about it, and see that it isn’t coming to fruition, but we keep praying about it, and as time marches on, we see His plan to start to unfold, and we see His faithfullness shining through. 

Trust the Lord to direct your steps today, even if they aren’t in the direction you desire them to go. Praise Him for the path in which He is leading you.

…Choose Him.

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