Do what you can

‘When we do what we can do, God does what we can’t.’

In Acts 16:25-26, Paul and Silas did what they could do. They were in prison, locked up in chains. They did the only thing they could do, they prayed and sang praises. And when they did what they could do, God did what only he can do, and those prison walls opened and those chains broke, and Paul and Silas were set free!!!

God’s word is purposeful and lays out a plan, teaching us the way we should go. When we follow that plan and do what we can do, God begins to unlock the door, move the mountain, and break the chains that man said couldn’t be unlocked, moved, or broken. God’s word proves that the impossibility for man becomes possibility when God is allowed into the situation.

Take the story of Paul and Silas with you today, and realize God is there with you just like he was with them. If your situation has you feeling locked up and helpless, do what you can, respond to his plan today … Choose Him.

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