We say…

We say … 

We need hope … He says, ‘I am’

We need strength… He says, ‘I am’

We need rest… He says, ‘I am’

We need peace…He says, ‘I am’

We need deliverance…He says, ‘I am’

We need healing…He says, ‘I am’

We need salvation…He says, ‘I am’

We need victory…He says, ‘I am’

We need love…He says, ‘I am’

We say we need _______ ….He says, ‘I am’

He is the God of all creation. He is the beginning, He is the ending. Everything that exists, is His. He is the provider for every need. He is the answer to every question. He is the GREAT I Am. And the Great I Am desires for you to accept Him as I Am to you today. 

Won’t you take Him up on His offer to be your life’s solution? A solution that doesn’t end after a certain number of steps leaving you to search for what is next. A solution that doesn’t stop and start again. Instead, one that stands consistant and eternal. A solution provided by God who stands unchanged, and unmoved from eternity to eternity. A promise unmatched by any other. 

In a world that is full of uncertainty the Great I Am stands solid, unbreakable, and dependable. He stands ready to fulfill that promise for you today. BUT just like a perfect gentleman, He waits for you to decide. Make your choice today. Make up your mind and allow the Great I Am to be I Am in your life…Choose Him.

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