Facing the giant

Some of the sweetest moments in life happen in the heat of a trial or struggle. They appear during a time when you feel as those that looked upon David and said, he is too small, what can a boy do? 

It is in these moments that God so lovingly gives us a glimpse of Himself. We ‘see’ Him through feelings of peace and tranquility that are unmatched and unattainable through anyone, anything, or anywhere except by His hand. It is in these blissful moments that He gives us eyes to see His mighty hand at work mustering within us a strength which revives determination within our soul. These instances come to us by way of revelation, an answer to prayer, or a ‘small’ victory that makes us aware that He is there and causes us to press harder forcing the enemy out of our way. 

It reminds me of the story of David and Goliath. David was a mere shepherd who was unknowingly on a pathway to greatness. On that path he prevailed against a bear, and he overcame a lion, these victories taught him lessons and imparted strategy upon him that gave him courage to stand against the giant when no one else would do the same. David had to endure hard things that stood purposely to prepare him for something harder. 

We go through a similar process. No, thankfully, we don’t physically stand next to a human giant, but our giants come to us disguised as jealousy, lonliness, adultry, depression, financial stress, addictions, abuse, bad choices, relationships, etc. We travel on our own pathway just as David did, and we experience bear and lion situations and by trusting God, we overcome them triumphantly only to find ourselves standing neck cranked staring straight up at a towering giant…but having overcome those lions and bears, a confidence rises up within us and we stand just as David did, gathering those stones ready to boldly face that Giant knowing that the God that helped us before is willing and able to do it again. Take Him at His word today, Trust Him, Choose Him.

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