Prayer for today

Ever felt like you don’t know what to pray? 

I heard a wise person once say that it is in the moments when we don’t know what to pray that we must understand that God has provided us with an entire book of words that can be prayed back to Him. His word provides light to us. It is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path…no matter the path whether it be a trial we face, or drawing closer in relationship with Him.

I wonder; 

  • Do you realize the power of God’s light? 
  • Are you seeking His light to shine in your life? 
  • Are you having a hard time understanding His word? 

Is your world so darkened by chaos, and circumstance that you don’t see the lamp that He has placed to guide you?
If that is you, realize that it is ok, and you are not alone.  

I invite you to step into His word with me and pray His powerful words back to Him.

Psalms 119:30,

The entrance of thy words giveth light: It giveth understanding unto the simple

Gracious Heavenly Father, 

You purposely provided these words to us as instruction intended to guide us to your precious word which overcomes all evil. But right now – I don’t see it. 

I see your word, but in this moment of my simplicity, I don’t understand it. Please, give me the understanding so I can see the light that you’re shining which pushes all darkness from within us. Allow your word to be the lamp of guidance to my life. 

Guide me from the darkness that surrounds and shine your glorious light through the word that you have so graciously provided. 

You are faithful to your word, and it is to your faithfulness that I cling, and stand confidently asking these things in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. 


Begin your day with prayer, and step into His word which provides the light we so desperately need. I promise you that if you start today in this manner, He won’t let you down, and He will open your eyes allowing His light to begin to shine in around you. 

Do you want to know more about the power of His light? Click here to read a devotional focused on its power. 

Begin today, and Choose Him.

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