Ocean of uncertainty

This January air has me longing for summer, and reminiscent of a recent family vacation – a week spent laying on the hot HOT sand of a North Carolina beach. Memories carry me back to that wonderful, relaxing place with hot temperatures and a gorgeous lazy beach where we spent hours upon hours building sand castles, and sitting just at the waters edge (where the waves were powerless and dry sand sat inches from our finger tips). We enjoyed our place of comfort, and venturing deeper wasn’t a thought that crossed anyone’s mind…that is -anyone, except for my husband. His fearlessness led him in with ease and without hesitation to a point shoulder deep (stopping only because in fear I had asked) and turning back to wave with a smile spread wide across his face. His confidence and relaxed nature was both impressive and intriguing…How many times I wish I could have that same air of ease and lack of hesitation at different times of life. 

As I sit in this moment of reflection, wrapped up in the warmth of a blanket, I can almost feel the heat that radiated from the sand and as I allow my mind to wander, I begin to see a parallel between standing comfortable next to the ocean not willing to chance the uncertainty within – and the similarity of making the decision to live life along the shoreline handling things on our own in comfort and expectation, or, humbling ourselves accepting Jesus as our Savior and taking that first step into the uncertainty of those waters and living life to its fullest with that same ease and lack of hesitation demonstrated by my husband.

Allow me for a moment to compare the ocean’s expanse, power, mystery, and depth to life. Incredible characteristics to behold, but all possessing uncertainty and uneasiness which can captivate a person with fear forcing them to miss out on the beauty within. That is until you realize that you aren’t standing there alone – that there is One beside you, One that will pave a way before you guiding you victoriously across the expanse, making you more powerful than the waves, conquering its mystery, and leading you to depths of life you never knew existed…IF you are only willing to trust the path He has prepared…

A difficult decision to make, I understand. There appears to be a lot of uncertainty at first glimpse seeming a lot like entering the ocean with its intimidation. Especially, when you consider the complexities; submission, selflessness, and going against the grain that culture declares is the only way to truly live. Most certainly a lot to process…making that shoreline and its illusion of comfort look much more appealing.

However, I find in my own decision to step in and live a life for Him that yes, that initial decision to leave my place on the shoreline was hard, really hard, and I lost some things – some big things – but the deeper I travel, the less appealing a return to the shoreline is, and the more I find that I gain creating a desire to go deeper, and the more I spend time talking to Him in prayer, and exploring His word, the more I feel like my husband confidently standing shoulder deep in the ocean – fearless and smiling, as I acknowledge that I may not have any idea where this path leads, or the depths in which He is taking me…but I take confidence knowing that the very same God that spoke (with words alone) the ocean into existence holds me (and you) in the palm of His hand. It is on that alone that my confidence is grounded.

Deuteronomy 31:6 tells us; 

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. 

These words declare our ability to enter the waters of uncertainty and boldly face the path He has laid out -He promises this to ALL who trust Him, encouraging us to take Him at His word. Giving us the ability to stand firmly on the promise He has provided.

If you find yourself at that point facing your ocean of decision, no matter what brought you to that place; a job, relationship, a fight to overcome sin, addiction, illness -whatever it is…I encourage you to hear the voice He is using to reach you- take that step away from the shoreline and move deeper into the promise of His word allowing Him to transform your perspective and give you the life you were designed to live. Join me today, Choose Him.

6 thoughts on “Ocean of uncertainty

  1. Maggie says:

    This was really encouraging for me because as of recently, the Lord has led me into a new chapter of my life, and it is certainly an ocean of uncertainty. He has shown me that I will get to serve Him one day in Guatemala, and while I’m very excited about it, I don’t have any idea how it will all work out. For now, He wants me to wait and trust Him, which has certainly been strengthening my faith. ❤

    1. JD Hartz says:

      I love this Maggie, and am thankful it serves as encouragement for you. Praying God continues to strengthen your faith and gives yiu the courage to follow where He is leading!!!

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