Is this what prayer has become?

I heard it described once that telling someone you will pray for them is a simple gesture of kindness, sort of an acknowledgement, as if to tell another they aren’t alone – a pat on the back of sorts.
To that individual I hold no thoughts of judgement, only heartache and wonder – is that what prayer has become in the minds of so many?

If that’s you today, I encourage you to know that it is so much more and goes so much deeper IF we will allow it.

I challenge you to open your Bible and read the stories on its pages that declare to us that it is the most powerful weapon that we have available to us, and its power is grounded when it is proclaimed in the name above all names, Jesus Christ.

We must come to the realization that when we enter into prayer – we have an appointment in the throne room of the Living God, the King of the Universe. We actually step into His presence, and speak directly to our Heavenly Father, the One who knows all, orders all, and holds the power to speak EVERY SINGLE thing into existence.

Take that thought with you as you move through your day, and when your mind wonders to prayer or you mention to another that you will pray for them, do it, and do it with the understanding that when you do, you sit at the feet of His very throne, He is listening, and He will move.

Choose prayer, Choose Him.

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