Prayerful Parenting – Day 1


Colossians 3:20 ‘Children, always obey your parents, for this pleases the Lord.’

I love this scripture’s placement in God’s word…and yes, I throw it to the kids when I see that rebellious spirit rise up in them. All joking aside though, it’s placement in the Bible is purposeful as it leads to  pleasing our Lord, which as Christians is a desire we all aim to instill into our kiddo’s.

Our approach in the whole rearing process varies, but just because I raise mine one way, and you raise yours another doesn’t mean that one of us is right and the other wrong – we just go about it differently holding what at times may appear to our kids as disparate approaches which can open a door in their mind leading them in debate over obedience or their own will. Or maybe it has nothing to do with parental allowance – maybe it’s just our kids coming into their own or temptation presenting them a choice (submit or rebel?), whatever the case, every one of them go through it. That being said, let us join together in praying this verse over our children asking God to help them understand its necessity strengthening them as situations arise to choose the path that is pleasing to Him by choosing obedience. 

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