Prayerful Parenting – Day 2


Yesterday we prayed that God would help our students choose obedience to their parents, today our scripture of focus is Philippians 4:6-7 which instructs – ‘Do not worry,’ leading us perfectly into today’s focus as we acknowledge that sometimes choosing the obedience we prayed for creates worry in our child’s mind as they consider, ‘what will their friends will think?’ if their obedience means going against the grain of what their peers are doing.

As kids grow and become more aware of themselves and their peers, it’s easy for them to fall into worrisome thinking – whether it be over a test, starting that project, clothes they wear, the way they look, their status among their friends, or determining whether they think they’re good enough or not– it’s real, and it’s something we need to ask God’s intervention in helping them to overcome.

Let’s focus our prayer today that as worry comes and anxiety sets in this year, their minds are turned to the One that truly matters – the One that can make a way through it all. May they openly talk to him about ALL things on their mind, every worry, every struggle – every doubt– everything. May they see that they truly can cast their cares on Him as they foster an openness with our Heavenly Father allowing them to share every secret place within them – with Him. In doing so they will truly experience the peace that resides and is unleashed when we openly work in relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Is today the first day your joining us? If so, check out what we’re doing in this prayerful send off

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