Prayerful Parenting – Day 4


Proverbs 15:5

Let’s face it mom and dad, there is going to come a point during the school year ahead (maybe even before the end of this day) when our kiddo’s are going to need some discipline. This hard to accept verse speaks to us as adults that are still children (to our parents, and our Heavenly Father) as well as our own – that a FOOL despises a parent’s correction, and someone that learns from correction is wise.

I want to be wise, and I want to raise wise kids that will sooner then I’d like to believe be launched into the world to navigate it on their own.

Today, let’s pray as we work to parent our children – that God above direct us to work in a manner according to His will as we correct our children and as those situations present themselves that these precious souls receive that correction and discipline with attitudes purposed to become wise and learn from it.

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