Prayerful Parenting – Day 8


Philippians 4:13 ‘For I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.’

We’re stepping into Day 8 of our prayerful sendoff back to school 2018. I fell in love with this verse after my husband and I welcomed one of our children into this world. After being released to live life as usual again, it was important to me to get my body back into shape, and in doing so, I committed to a 5k training program. It was tough. I had only 8 weeks prior given birth via C-section, and spent the 9 months prior participating in limited physical activity. To say the least, I was OUT of shape and from day one of that program – I hurt but continued on as I found myself mentally quoting this verse as step by step I forced my body on.

I realize Paul, the writer of these words spoke them having endured the unthinkable compared to my 5k training, yet simplistic faith can still take and apply them the same to the mental battles we face and use them in our overcoming.

Today, let’s use them in prayer for our students. They are going to face battles this year whether it be choosing whether or not to study for that test, learning a new concept, enduring a lost friendship or broken relationship, overcoming temptation, no matter the case these words all apply the same – they can do all things through Christ who gives them strength. Jesus gives us strength to focus, opens our minds to new concepts, heals us when we are broken, and provides a way when temptation becomes too much.

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