God gave you a purpose? Now what do you do?

This is a picture of my vision board – don’t laugh…actually – go ahead let’s laugh together, I realize it’s blank, leading a person to sarcastically wonder, what sort of vision is this? Give me a moment to explain – the fact that I now own this MASSIVE (blank) pin board is a HUGE deal. It’s symbolic of taking the thoughts that have been rolling around my brain since what feels like forever and taking the first step in setting them into motion.
Why share this?

1 – We could all use a good laugh – It’s hilarious, each time my kids walk by and ask what I’m going to do with it – I nervously chuckle and think to myself, one day this thing will be covered, but to be honest at this point, I have no clue, or even where to begin (but I am praying about it)

2 – This massive board of emptiness symbolizes what I know many of you reading this are sitting there mulling over in your own mind as thoughts turn to your vision – a work you feel purposed to do.

Funny thing about a Vision

Visions all vary but our thoughts over them are much the same as we consider, ‘Can I really do this?’ ‘Is this a dumb idea?’ ‘Do I even have time to make this happen?’ ‘Where do I begin?’ ‘What if I fail?’ ‘What if this is just me – not God?’

These are all legitimate questions – with time well spent thinking them through. The most important however, and first to ask – ‘What if this is just me, not God? Answering this question, answers them all, but appears difficult when you consider scripture’s simplistic call to PRAY, and wait method has now transformed into a mountainous task appearing far too difficult to undertake.

Is God going to respond in an audible voice? No, probably not, but He will respond when we sit earnestly seeking Him. 

When it’s a, ‘Yes,’ you find He’ll add fuel to the fire within, and that thought, the one you know is completely in line with his word – keeps presenting itself to the front of your mind, or situations arise pointing you toward Him. When it’s a, ‘No,’ you identify what you’re attempting to do is misaligned with His word, or you check yourself and find it isn’t bringing glory to God, rather it’s to self. At that point, you realize your mistake and no matter how hard it may be, you lay it down and draw yourself back into line with Him.

If you determine your vision is of God…then you find that, Yes, you can really do this and it is going to be difficult (but remember through Christ ALL things are possible). No, this isn’t a dumb idea (It’s purposeful, set into motion by the God of the Universe). Yes, there is time to make this happen (and it will be incredible as you witness Him work it all out for you). Yes, you will succeed, but that definition of success is held to His measure – not yours.

Stumped where to begin? 

It’s a process – Pray…wait…listen…move – repeat.

Encouragement for today

Do you find yourself in the same place as me – maybe you don’t have a massive empty pin board taking up space in your home, maybe in its place you have thoughts in your mind, or notes jotted down filling pages in a notebook. Whatever the case, if you find that God is calling you to do something, and there you sit waging a war within determining where to start – Don’t give up just because your mind and eyes say it’s insurmountable. James 4:17 (NLT) tells us, ‘Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.’

My question to you is – what is the thing you know you are to do, but are so afraid of trying? Don’t let your thoughts of inadequacy stop you from stepping from the realm of your comfort.

Need a push?

Look to God’s word, you don’t have to go far to find that He consistently asks people to do uncomfortable, seemingly impossible – hard things.

Noah was tasked to build an ark preparing for a flood, when the Earth had never before experienced rain.

Rahab was asked to demonstrate faith in the midst of her ‘dirty’ lifestyle.

Gideon was asked to go to battle with trumpets and jars.

Jehoshaphat was instructed to wage a war without weapons – rather with his praise, what? How do you fight with your voice…and a happy one at that?

And then there’s Abraham. He received a promise from God that he would be the father of many nations, and there he stood – old with a barren wife – that’s a mountain of impossible circumstance if you ask me.

Yet all odds stacked against him obedience led him…led them all (and many others) to trust God, sure mistakes were made along the way, but our God is merciful with a love for us that is unrelenting and forgiving.

It is amazing what He will do when a person takes a step of boldness to walk in faith setting into motion the vision God has given them for their life. If you find He has given you a vision, one that you’ve been sitting on saying, ‘it’s just too much,’ ‘I don’t know where to start,’ or ‘I cannot do that.’ I leave you with the beautiful words of Hebrews 13:21;

‘May he equip you with all you need for doing his will. May he produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to him. All glory to him forever and ever! Amen.’

– Choose Him

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