I believe…

I believe in…

I believe in raising my children with ample supply of silliness.

I believe in playing dress up.

I believe in making a mess.

I believe in dancing in the rain

I believe in jumping in muddy puddles.

I believe in rolling in the dirt.

I believe in bedtime stories

I believe in answering 500 questions before bed (and then saying, no more).

I believe in making my children watch the beauty of the sunrise/sunset

I believe in tucking them in only to pull them out to watch a million fireflies dance in the backyard.

I believe in dance parties before school

I believe in family game night

I believe in gathering around our table for dinner

I believe in saturating them with hugs and kisses, and filling their mind with, “I love you”

I believe in buying them candy, allowing them to taste the sweetness of life.

I believe in tickling them until a belly laugh rolls

I believe in teaching them how to break-up the mundane.

I believe in pushing them from their comfort zone to try new things.

I believe in discipline, they must learn right from wrong

I believe in showing them how to pray.

I believe in discipling to be followers of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I believe in rooting them deep into His word.

I believe in teaching them the ability to offer grace, mercy, and hope to those around them.

I believe in fostering a childhood that teaches our kids to see the goodness of life.

I believe in all of this – because life is really, REALLY – stinking hard – and our kids, they’re only kids for a short time until they step into adulthood and the veil of reality lifts and they see the truth – that evil is a real thing, and life can bring unthinkable sadness.

I believe in preparing them for that moment when sadness strikes to have the ability to see, yes, sadness exists, but God is still good, and He is sitting upon His throne, and no matter the pain, I want them to know how to laugh. I want them to be able to see beauty. I want them to see goodness. I want them to persevere. I want them to be a light.

I believe equipping them with these small things will empower them to do great things.

I believe in them…

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