Who I am in Christ

I love the Word of God. In it we find who He is, and in it we find who we are. It is more poweful then we grasp, and holds the key to unlocking the door that opens to each of us the purpose and position that God has made us to hold. 

The Enemy of our soul understands this, and that is what drives his persistence in keeping us from finding and attaining it. 

He gets into our mind, and uses negative self talk driving us to put on our own chains as we tell ourselves we’re too weak, unqualified, inadequate – not enough…Holding our own mind captive keeping us from reaching our God given purpose.

But just as hard as the devil tries to bind us – God is working to free us, but that freedom is something we have to be willing to see. We have to be willing to hear – and sometimes hearing and seeing it appears too difficult compared to simply sitting in the bondage we are kept.

Today, If you find yourself hostage to that negative self talk, I encourage you to declare out loud – the following: 

I am complete in Him

I am alive in Him

I am called

I am chosen

I am free

I am royalty

Did you know God’s word says that about you? 

Did you know that it says these things and so much more? 

Do you know the extravagance of His love for you?

If you don’t know these things, or understand them – check it out for yourself – grab His word, and pray for His revelation, and understanding to break those chains you’ve been sitting in so that you experience the fullness of the life He has purposed you for. 

Make up your mind today – take that first step – Choose Him. 

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