God works, are you willing to see?

Self reflection is wonderfully important. I haven’t always seen it as such. It’s a learned habit – a forced pause, a way of creating a breath, a moment to seemingly step out of the now to survey the world as it is. 

I crave these moments. For me, they happen in the morning as I crawl out of bed to wrap myself up in the peace and warmth of my home basking in the word of God while sitting in quiet solitude allowing my mind to wander through life and my eyes to settle on the place we are. It’s in these moments where I see God’s hand all most allowing him to carry me through the events we are experiencing, the prayers we’ve prayed and to see the work He is accomplishing. 

Relfecting on this year as a whole, I just want to jump out of my skin in excitement over what the Lord has done. No, this year has not been all rainbows and unicorns. It’s been tough, but my God, He is stronger. He’s done things this year, I never realized I would have to ask Him to do, but I did, and He stood faithful, honoring His word, and His promise of hope. 

I wonder as 2017 quickly draws to an end if you’ve found yourself in a rough spot like me? I wonder if life hasn’t been the smooth waters it seems to be for everyone around you? I wonder if you’re feeling overwhelmed wondering, “God, when are you going to show up, and take care of this mess?” If that’s you, I believe God has drawn you to the right place – you aren’t alone – I’ve asked God the same question, and my answer came through a long process, a verse, and a decision to make, and I want to help you do the same if you’re willing to meet me here in 2018? Let’s go boldly to the thrown of grace with a willingness to ask and see, as together, we work each day to Choose Him. 

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