Choose Him – top 10, 2017

It’s been another great year of Choosing Him. What started out two years ago from curiousity of what could happen if I shared the words burning inside of me – is flourishing. No – it is not at all a household name. Nor is it anything in comparison to the blogging giants of the world, but it’s growing, and even if this small realm of influence is as far as these words travel – it is enough
Reflection over what has happened in this quick year shows that God is at work. The reach of the internet is astonishing, and I am amazed to see that in the past 365 days, this tiny little site has been viewed in 43 different countries, and loyal readers has more then doubled – Thank you. I appreciate you reading these words, and I pray God has used them to help strengthen your walk with Him and encouraging you to Choose Him each day.
Closing out 2017, I want to highlight the top 10 posts of the year. It makes me smile to see their ranking at the top, along with those of you that have read them, they are my favorites as well:

10: Raising Chickens, Training Children

9: Facing the Giant

8: A Faithful Foundation

7: What to do when you don’t want God’s plan

6: How to pray when stress has you bound

5: 5 ways to add Jesus to your day

4: Rains and Valleys: How to survive the unlivable 

3: The Beauty of the Thorn

2: Unwarranted Fear

1: 3 Steps to Hope in the Hopeless

I look forward to meeting you all here again in 2018 as we continue to work together to, Choose Him.

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