Resolve to Choose…

I don’t like to do hard things. I don’t know that any of us really do. Doing hard things requires effort. Effort= intention, intention = thought and thought = work and I don’t know about you, but I work a fulltime job, have a husband to partner with, and four kids to train. Some days I’m not looking for more to do, some days after the kids are asleep, I’m just tired, ready kick up my feet, and binge watch the next great Netflix series….and if I’m honest, there are days that this sounds a lot more appealing then putting forth the effort to build my relationship with Jesus. Sometimes…that…seems like hard work…
You know what else can feel like hard work? A New Year’s Resolution…I have a love/hate relationship with them. I get the point, but I’ve just not been one to carry them out. I like their theory…the newness offered, the clean slate – it’s wonderfully symbolic creating the illusion that trying new things and creating new habits is easier on this one day even though, it’s really just another day on the calendar. 
A few years ago, I determined to change my focus on what they’re about by shifting it away from changing who I am, to something realistic, focusing on me and God, asking Him for something specific – to teach me, grow me, mold me, position me wherever needed by looking at the peices of kingdom work that really…I don’t want to do because, well, these things seem hard, uncomfortable, and quite honestly, I’m afraid to do them. 

With my first attempt, I asked God to help me step out of my comfort zone, I started writing, something my heart has craved since I was young. The next year, it moved to me asking to teach a Bible Study, and that surfaced in the most beautiful and unlikely sort of way. Then the next, just as I asked, he led me to help with a small group, something I’ve wanted to do, but been afraid of…Now this year, my eyes are on something different, and I stand confident that just as He has done in the past, God will again open a door and help me to learn what it is I have requested. 

I find in my relationship with Jesus – I’m not good at it if I don’t understand something He asks of us, or if my flesh doesn’t like the way I perceive it to feel. That isn’t an excuse for avoidance, as I used to mistake it for. Rather, it’s an opportunity for conversation with our King, where we can sit at the foot of His throne and allow Him to lead us to acceptance, and comprehension.

Today is a symbolic day of newness. God, is the King of newness. His word declares, “He makes all things new.” I wonder today if part of your resolution should be for God to bring revelation…newness to part of your relationship with Him? Maybe it’s your desire to read His word, understand it, or creating daily time for prayer, or maybe it’s learning to do part of the work he has called us to do that just isn’t what you want to do. Whatever it is no matter how big, or how small – let’s resolve together to make 2018 more meaningful by setting our hopes on what is Eternal determining each day to – Choose Him.

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