Prayer… there’s more to it

An object lesson in our Kindergarten Sunday School class yesterday on the power of prayer. 

Too often we look at prayer as a check in the box activity. 

Talked to God today? Check! On to the next thing…

…But there’s so much more to it. Our prayers are an offering to God… they live beyond our utterance of them. They create action. They move God, setting things into motion that our eyes don’t necessarily see, and our spirit at times may not necessarily feel.

I understand that our kiddo’s can’t comprehend fully what we taught them yesterday… but one day as they grow, this visual will pop into their mind, and they’ll remember, pouring our prayers out to God is more then just a check in the box, it’s more then just something done out of obligation. It’s powerful – it moves the God of the universe to action regardless of what our eyes see and what our body feels.

I wonder today, if there is someone that needs this reminder? You’ve prayed your prayers and they just feel like a check in the box, going through the motions. I encourage you – don’t get lost in the here and now. God sees the beginning, He sees the ending. He hears every word you speak, and He IS moving. God’s ways are higher then ours, but to see them…you have to Choose Him

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