Kids and comfort zones

Being a parent, I am consistently floored at the way God uses my children to speak to me. Another one of those beautiful instances happened not long ago. We are in the midst of training a worrier. She’s incredible. I wish she could see the greatness I see when I look at her. She’s smart, witty, creative, compassionate – so much goodness wrapped into her existence yet she worries, and her worry tends to drive her to shores of safety.

As a her mom, seeing all that potential locked up inside, it drives me nuts, and I proactively seek opportunities to push her beyond her comfort. Recently, one of those glorious opportunities struck and I was on the prowl persuading her – and then down right telling her she was going to do this new thing. She pushed, she tried to resist, but in the end she did it – and can I tell you… she succeeded – and was even recognized for her hard work!! I wish I could communicate to you the beauty of the smile that spread wide across her face as she bound up the steps to tell me, “HEY MOM!!! HEY MOM!!! I did it!!!” I scooped that beautiful little girl up and showered her with love and words of affirmation. I was beyond proud.

As she returned to what she was doing, and I turned to walk away, I prayed – “God, I knew she could do it, thank you for giving this moment to her,” and just as I was about to seal that prayer with a loud shouted, “Amen!” I felt God impress upon me a burn of conviction as I realized… that thing he’s been trying to get me to do, the one that sits just on the other side of my comfort zone – He’s been prodding me along, just as I did to my daughter, and if I would just muster the courage to take that step into the unknown – I’d see that same success…

I stepped from that moment in acknowledgement that this wasn’t just a moment of training for my child, but one for me from my Heavenly Father as well.

It doesn’t matter how old we get, or what role in this life we play, parent – child, old – young. We’re always his children.

I wonder today if God is trying to pull you too away from your comfort and into something new, something unknown – something a bit scary in it’s unfamiliarity? If that’s where you are – I encourage you to take the step with me, let’s be bold together. Let’s – Choose Him.

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