The Gift in plain sight

We have a tradition in our home -probably the same as some of you. It involves an ugly pickle ornament that hangs toward the top of our Christmas tree. A conversation peice for sure! Our children love this ornament due to the nights that have been spent leading up to Christmas day when each childRead more

Lead me Lord

I love the outdoors, I love to be moving and exploring, but there is something special about curling up in a warm blanket on the couch sitting next to a lit up Christmas tree. I could sit there all night enjoying such a sweet and comfortable atmosphere. As a people, we love comfort, and weRead more

The unseen Hand

My trust I give the unseen Hand The One that beckons from where I stand A prayer we offer in words we mention The Hand responds sweet in precision Moments or years, His timing unknown Our confidence grounded, we are not alone.  Compared our plans they are not similiar His ways so high feel unfamiliarRead more

How your refusal to wait is withholding your promise.

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God has a waiting room, and sometimes the path He has us on requires we spend time purposely sitting in that room. It’s a room that He uses to teach us. A room that to us feels as though we are forgotten, when in reality His desire is for us to allow Him to work his planRead more

We say…

We say …  We need hope … He says, ‘I am’ We need strength… He says, ‘I am’ We need rest… He says, ‘I am’ We need peace…He says, ‘I am’ We need deliverance…He says, ‘I am’ We need healing…He says, ‘I am’ We need salvation…He says, ‘I am’ We need victory…He says, ‘I am’Read more

God of my tomorrow

Ever catch yourself in a day dream, not the kind where your laying on the beach listening to the soothing sound of the waves coming in relaxing and lulling you to sleep. No, that would be blissful, but not the kind in which I am referring. The kind I am talking about is the oneRead more

Good intentions and burned meatballs

TRUTH: I burned grape jelly meatballs last night…they smelled delicious, they looked delectable, but hidden under that yummy grape jelly- chili sauce glaze was a burnt shell of nastiness. With that disgusting taste of yuck, the hopes I had in a dinner of ease and no complaints from my littles was crushed…my intentions were right,Read more

Proverbs 16:9

There is a quote that says,  ‘Man proposes, God disposes.’  Reflecting on God’s goodness in this past week, I am reminded of this truth. We make plans- we have a lot of plans. We tell God our plan, and we even tell Him how to make it happen, BUT ultimately – if we allow HimRead more

God’s pursuit

I enjoy a good love story. My favorite part is the pursuit, the twisting turning keep you guessing scenes where the main characters are searching for each other not really knowing what they are seeking until the final moments when their eyes meet and everything comes together poetically. At that point, my eyes start toRead more

Take Him as your shield today

Maybe your day isn’t starting out right, maybe you are facing a battle, maybe you need a reminder that God’s way is perfect. Maybe you need a reminder to trust in His sovereignty.  If that’s you, I encourage you to save this image as the lock screen on your phone. Let these words remind youRead more