Planting seeds…

 I am an asparagus LOVER! I already have a beautiful asparagus plant, but it isn’t enough to satisfy my hunger, so this year, I did my research and planted more. To my surprise, I found that it takes two years for this yummy plant to develop into a vegetable that is ready for harvest. CuriousityRead more

Forget what lies behind

   Recently I had the honor of teaching a group of girls about the danger of longing for things of this world, when God is calling us ahead into deeper relationship with Him. To help reinforce the lesson, I asked each girl to stand against a wall. Upon my word I asked them to walkRead more

He is making you… defines sovereign as: 1. A monarch; a king, queen, or other supreme ruler. 2. A person who has supreme power or authority. As Christians, we are taught that God is a sovereign God. By the meaning outlined above that tells us he has supreme power – supreme authority. Supreme meaning ULTIMATE. Sovereignty isRead more

Sacrifice in obedience

Scripture reading: Mark 10:17-27    You ever come into contact with someone that instantly grabs your attention? I do, and I did recently while presenting to a group of individuals, during this session one of the participants stood out and piqued my curiosity. I was with this group to offer a solution to make theirRead more

Is there freedom beyond our comfort zone?

  Scripture reading: Judges 6-8  My daughter learned to ride a bike last summer. This was a process that as a parent, took patience and lots of coaxing. You see, she was totally comfortable NOT riding her bike. Not riding her bike meant she didn’t have to experience the pain of falling off like sheRead more

Not just some…ALL

   Some days are good, while others are just – bad…such is life. Maybe your’s is bad, if that is the case, I urge you to take time and read Philippians 4:4-13. These words…they are comforting, uplifting, inspiring, encouraging, hopeful..refreshing to the mind and soul on a day when things aren’t going our way.  ReadRead more