Every She Needs a Hur

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Building relationships with other women can be a scary thing – but as we all know there is coming a battle in each and every one of our lives. Scripture tells WHEN we go through deep waters, we won’t drown and WHEN we walk through the fire, we won’t be burned. NOT IF.Read more

Simple ways to stay focused; overcoming a distracted faith

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Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.”  When I read this verse, I imagine to live it, must feel like sitting beachside listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves rolling in. It’s amazing how ocean waves effortlessly draw us into peacefulRead more

Exhausted Faith and Hope Found in A Red Sea Revival

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I woke up that morning, and suddenly the thing I had been fighting for all those months before – just wasn’t important. My usual, “Thank you, God for the day you have given,” before my feet hit the ground prayer, just wasn’t there. My heart was heavy, and my mind distracted. Life at this pointRead more

Maintaining a Fiery Faith in the Eyes of Fear: Part Two

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My name is Jessica. I remember for a grade school class assignment asking my parents how they chose it. Their response? “Because we liked it.” Nothing heroic, or poetic about it – nothing other than, “We like the way it sounds.” I remember walking away from that conversation a bit let down (sorry Mom andRead more

The Love of a Father

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When I was 16 or 17, my dad caught me trying to sneak out of the house. I had the window of our living room open and just as I was getting ready to make my move… the sound of his feet coming down the creaky old steps of our home sent me running forRead more

4 Steps to Surrender: Step 2 Acknowledge

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God is omnipotent which means he is all powerful. Not only is God all powerful, but God is sovereign. Miriam-Webster defines sovereign as: possessed of supreme power, unlimited extent, enjoying autonomy. Relating to, characteristic of, or befitting a supreme ruler. Having undisputed ascendancy. God’s sovereignty means that He alone is in control. He’s all powerful,Read more

Jesus, just Jesus

Some days I wake up with an overwhelming praise for the mercy of Jesus. Thoughts of the sins of my past will flood my mind as I am reminded of His mercy and that the sins I once allowed to rule my world no longer have the power to define the person I am.  Read more