What is Christian Living: Mercy and a Pure Heart

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When you think of mercy what do you think of? Mercy by definition: A compassion to one in need or helpless distress, or in debt and without claim to favorable treatment. Would you be described as merciful? Is mercy a requirement to Christian living? Join me in this episode as we explore mercy and aRead more

Choose Faith as a Lifestyle: Upper Rooms

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Astonishing transformations, and miraculous resurrections happen in Upper Rooms found in scripture. Upper Rooms are pivotal, and still 100% necessary in our own transformation process. What happens in them is undeniable, and available to every single one of us. Are you willing to go there? Join me in this episode as we explore the UpperRead more

Choose: Faith as a Lifestyle – God does what we can’t

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God desires to birth something within all of us. Something we don’t have the ability to do on our own, but we think we do. Doing so lands us in a pit of exhaustion, frustration and maxed out – EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. What if rather than exhausting ourselves in frustration we learned to simplify thingsRead more

What’s the connection?

2 Timothy 3:16, ‘All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:’ The Bible is the most incredible book to ever be written. It is God breathed. Although not purposed for entertainment, it is timeless and captivating once you become entrenched in itsRead more

   Confession: I have a severe fear of storms. A fear that has plagued me since I was a child. One that has been so awful that even the thought of a storm sends shivers down my spine, and makes my body ache. My husband and I talked about taking our kids camping this weekend,Read more

Where is the well?

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Scripture: Genesis 16 I am constistantly searching for things…lost keys, pen, matching socks, purse, Bible, school bag, shoes…and the list goes on! Plagued with this issue all my life, I can remember as a kid my mom saying, ‘LOOK! You have to actually look it isn’t going to jump out and bite you.’ You wouldRead more


  ‘Your story is the key that can unlock someone else’s prison.’ – John Hagee  As Christ followers, we all have a story. A story that has power, made up of two chapters. One that tells of where we were before knowing him, the second which tells of where he has brought us in relationship withRead more

Not like the game of telephone…

   Have you ever played the game of telephone? The game where a group of people sit or stand in a circle, a person whispers a message into the ear of the person next to them, and that person turns to the person next to them, whispers the message into their ear, and the processRead more

What does HE see…

Ever had one of those life lessons that was so profound that you experience it over and over again, and each time you experience it, you gain more understanding, more depth? I’ve mentioned this to friends before, but I can’t help but think on it again. I was reminded recently of the truth found inRead more

As I have loved you…

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Have you ever seen Georges Seurat’s painting, ‘A Sunday afternoon on the La Grande Jatte’? If you haven’t, do an Internet search and check it out. It is a beautifully detailed painting of people relaxing in a park, but it’s more than what it first appears, if you step closer you’ll see it is made up of millions ofRead more