The Love of a Father


When I was 16 or 17, my dad caught me trying to sneak out of the house. I had the window of our living room open and just as I was getting ready to make my move… the sound of his feet coming down the creaky old steps of our home sent me running for cover under a blanket on our couch.

I have no idea how he knew something was up, but he did, and it caused him to make his way down those stairs to check on me.

I wasn’t planning to do anything good that night, and when confronted I wasn’t about to let him in on any of it. When asked what I was doing, I looked him square in the face – and lied. I made up a ridiculous excuse about why that window was open. He and I both knew it was a lie …  and I never questioned whether he was going to love me after it.

My earthly father is pretty fantastic. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. He and my Mom have loved me through some mess…The love of a parent for their child is amazing. There’s nothing that can stop it, noteven the disrespect and lies of a rebellious teenager. We openly receive this. But when it comes to the love our Heavenly Father – that one – that one, slips us up.

We look at our shortcomings and question God’s ability to love through them EVEN though we’re told that his love for us is even stronger then the love of a parent…

Matthew 7:11, “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?”

Right there, plain as day – no matter how incomprehensible – we are told God’s love for us is greater. Yet we view his love has conditional – dependent on our behavior questioning, “How can it be, how can HE love ME? I’ve….”

Interesting isn’t it, how the finiteness of our parents we easily ascribe limitlessness too – but the infinite God who created us, the one who SPOKE everything into existence – we ascribe limited ability.

We place limits on the God who knew us before we were placed in our mother’s womb…

And we think things like….

“I’m divorced, he can’t love me.” “I’m a liar, he can’t love me.” “I’m an alcoholic, he can’t love me.” “I had an affair, he can’t love me.” “I’m a failure in every way, HE. CAN’T. LOVE. ME.”

Somehow, we have painted this picture of God as this austere judge. We imagine him poised ready to pounce at any excuse we give him – but that’s simply not true. He isn’t watching us tip-toe the line between sin and righteousness waiting for us to mess up. No, – he sees us tip-toe that line and yearns for us to choose obedience – and when we don’t – his love doesn’t draw the line and say, “No – more!” No, his love for us says, “My blood is enough to cover this one too.” And there he waits arms wide open, warm, compassionate, full of patience and love…waiting for us to accept the truth – that his love is unconditional, and his desire, is for us… US, the addicted, adulteress(er), liar, thief – no matter our mess … to bathe us in forgiveness, grace, mercy and lavish us with HIS LOVE…His love that covers a multitude of sin.

I wonder today, if you’ve placed limits on God’s love for you? I wonder if you’ve painted a false image in your mind of our Heavenly Father? I wonder today if you might be ready to step from that dark shadow of doubt that hangs over you and into the marvelous light of the love of our Father?

If that’s where you are, I encourage you to start today by making that step to receive his love. Allow yourself to be reminded that God chose you from the very beginning. He chose you before he placed you in your mother’s womb. He chose you when he hung on the cross and suffered the unimaginable – He CHOSE YOU and now He waits. He waits for you to decide whether you’re going to choose His love – or not. Determine today to stop pushing away the One who yearns to pull you close – make your decision today, Choose Him.

Let’s Pray:

Heavenly Father, 

MY Heavenly Father you are amazing. You made me. You held me in your hand and you created me before I was even placed in my mothers womb. YOU thought of ME. I was yours before I was ever my parents. Your love for me is amazing. Thank you – for your love for ME. Even in the midst of my lack of understanding its depths – thank you for it. Please forgive me for pushing you away. Forgive me for doubting your word when it tells me your love covers my sin. Forgive me for limiting your ability. Forgive me for thinking you the God of the universe, the very reason I am here could ever desire me. Today I come to you with arms wide open ready to receive this limitless love. I’m ready to stop pushing you away by allowing myself to believe your truth. Thank you for your grace, mercy, and patience and the limitless love that only comes from you.

In Jesus name. 


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