Ruth: What is True Repentance?

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Have you ever found yourself in need of a comforter? Life has just thrown you a curve ball of sorts. You find yourself walking the unexpected wondering – How did I end up here? Join me in today’s episode as we continue our in-depth study on the Book of Ruth. We’re going to look atRead more

Ruth: No One Wants To Wait

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Struggle, loss of control…the unexpected left unchecked can challenge our walk with God. At times, it they can cause us to wonder, “Is God really good?” That thought left to simmer can lead us away from our promise. Join me in this first episode as we journey through the book of Ruth and learn theRead more

How Does Barabbas Apply to Us?

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What do we know about Barabbas? There are lots of avenues we could take to explore his life. In this episode we focus on two. 1) The choice in the Garden. Is the same choice in the courtyard. 2) As offensive as it feels, our life mirrors Barabbas Join in as we explore the lastRead more

Prayerful Parenting – Day 5

Philippians 4:19 In this verse, Paul speaks to the Philippians a word of encouragement telling them the same God that takes care of him is going to take care of all of their needs. Looking to the life of Paul, it is jam packed full of proof of the truth in this statement. God usedRead more

5 ways to add Jesus to your day

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I’ve found it to be an evolution of sorts – this living life surrendered to Jesus. Sure, there are areas I’ve handed over without much hesitation, but I confess there are others that I’ve had quite the hold on requiring the Lord’s scrubbing away at finger by finger in an effort to release my ironRead more