What does Christian Living Look like?

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Are you looking for authenticity in your walk for the Lord? Perhaps you feel as though you can’t quite get it right. Maybe it doesn’t feel as though you expected or you can’t seem to get past different areas or struggles? Let’s lean in together to examine how Jesus says we should live. In comparisonRead more


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My soul has been awakened – No longer does it sleep  My soul has been awakened – His word in me, is breathed My soul has been awakened – From chains, I am set free  My soul has been awakened – My path given His lead  My soul has been awakened – His will nowRead more

He set me free

‘He set me free He set me free He broke the bonds of prison for me I’m glory bound my Jesus to see Glory to God he set me free’ Words of a song – beautiful words at that, but when sang by a believer they become words that do more than just sound goodRead more