Who is worried?

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 20:1-18 ‘And Jehoshaphat feared,’ who could blame him?  After all, there was a great multitude headed his way to destroy Judah, a justifiable reason, if you ask me. But he doesn’t handle his worry the same way I expected. Jehoshaphat didn’t stop at his emotion like we often see and experience, scriptureRead more

What a memory taught me about words

A little over 6 years ago, I found myself sitting on my boyfriend’s couch opening a gift he had presented to me. The gift was placed in a bag and hidden in a tiny green box. As I opened the box,my eyes beheld a stunning princess cut diamond perfectly mounted on a beautifully simple band,Read more

Seeing is not believing

   Read: Mark 8:1-21 ‘Seeing is believing.’ I have heard people utter this saying from time to time, and it sends a bit of annoyance running down my spine. Seeing is not always believing and believing is not always seeing.  Mark chapter 8 provides an instance showing that seeing does not always bring with itRead more

Confession of a working mom

Reading: Proverbs 31 The Proverbs 31 woman…There are times when I read about her and I start feeling like Iron Man, and every bone in my body stands to say ‘yes Lord, I am in it. I am her!’ And then there are days when I ask God, ‘what were you thinking placing this in yourRead more

Olympics got me thinking…

   Anyone else watch the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics? I did, and it was spectacular! Ahhh! Watching the athletes walk in with emotion written all over their faces, some with great big smiles spread wide, others stern and focused eyes filled with intensity, while others overtaken in the moment with glassy eyes hadRead more

A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid…

   TRUTH– we all have sin in our lives. Romans 3:23 affirms this, ‘For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,’ With that sting reminder telling us we are not perfect, we find hope when we read Acts 3:19 ‘Repent then, and turn to God, so that your sins may beRead more

The waters were parted TWICE…

  Scripture: Exodus 14, Joshua 3 Two great men, with two stories that teach us what God has done for one he can do for another… Have you ever gone through something in life, knowing someone who has overcome the same and allowed thoughts of envy to set in, lamenting why you have to experienceRead more

Hope after the fall

   Read: Genesis 3:1-24 God gives us incredibly specific instructions as to what we should and should not do. With Adam and Eve, he walked with them in the Garden, and spoke with them in an audible voice. They knew him in a way we are unable to experience, yet still they fell to disobedience.Read more

Forget what lies behind

   Recently I had the honor of teaching a group of girls about the danger of longing for things of this world, when God is calling us ahead into deeper relationship with Him. To help reinforce the lesson, I asked each girl to stand against a wall. Upon my word I asked them to walkRead more

   His word is refreshing…like a breath of fresh air…soak up His goodness today, and remember 2 Corinthians 3:17…Choose Him.Read more