4 Steps to Surrender; the day I stopped trying to fix it.

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The day I stopped trying to fix it… Alone listening to a podcast on my way to work that day – just me, Jesus, and a wandering mind mulling through events of the morning, processing things that didn’t happen, and those that did, but should have gone differently. I’m a fixer – maybe, you areRead more

He is not my battle

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There we sat, opposite of each other – days of frustration standing between us like a brick wall blocking each of our views of the other.  We’ve all experienced these times with our spouse. The type when you aren’t really fighting, more so annoyed, lacking the ability to put your finger on what it isRead more

Why I focus on what my husband can’t do

Marriage is tough. Anyone that tells you different is NOT being truthful. Think otherwise? Check out what statistics say…we are just as likely to fail as we are to succeed. Join me over on Her View today as I discuss my own struggle, and how I have found that focusing on what my husband isn’tRead more