She Chooses…

Have you ever had an idea, and started toward something and as you worked your way found that your idea gains clarity and your path shifts? I’ve been thinking and praying a lot about Choose Him over the past few months. I love Choose Him. It’s simplistic and reaches everyone, but as time has goneRead more

Good intentions and burned meatballs

TRUTH: I burned grape jelly meatballs last night…they smelled delicious, they looked delectable, but hidden under that yummy grape jelly- chili sauce glaze was a burnt shell of nastiness. With that disgusting taste of yuck, the hopes I had in a dinner of ease and no complaints from my littles was crushed…my intentions were right,Read more

A Mother’s Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep… Words have changed as they older creap My children asleep lay they in their bed At this point now my prayer is pled May they recieve you as their Savior May they rest  upon Your loving favor Guide them my God, through their waking hours Keep them safeRead more

Confession of a working mom

Reading: Proverbs 31 The Proverbs 31 woman…There are times when I read about her and I start feeling like Iron Man, and every bone in my body stands to say ‘yes Lord, I am in it. I am her!’ And then there are days when I ask God, ‘what were you thinking placing this in yourRead more