God is prepared even when we are not

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Wait! That was the word that shrieked through my mind. I could feel it, that word… It screamed at an ear shattering decibel as it started at the back of my brain did a couple loops around and just as it was about to zip out of my mouth my lips clamped shut. I’m notRead more

The unseen Hand

My trust I give the unseen Hand The One that beckons from where I stand A prayer we offer in words we mention The Hand responds sweet in precision Moments or years, His timing unknown Our confidence grounded, we are not alone.  Compared our plans they are not similiar His ways so high feel unfamiliarRead more

God of my tomorrow

Ever catch yourself in a day dream, not the kind where your laying on the beach listening to the soothing sound of the waves coming in relaxing and lulling you to sleep. No, that would be blissful, but not the kind in which I am referring. The kind I am talking about is the oneRead more